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Welcome to OKT!

On Lothar since Dec 09, 2006

OKT (previously Order of Knights Templar) is a casual all-purpose guild on the Lothar server.  We're a long-lived, stable and friendly guild made up of adults and mature young people.  The guild's goals are to provide a safe and comfortable, fun gaming environment for members of all ages and levels.  Support and resources are provided for all aspects of the game, from introductory help, questing and leveling, through old and new content dungeons, pvp, and world objectives, to both core and casual endgame raiding. The Guild shares resources, information, social experiences and game knowledge for the mutual benefit and recreation of the guild and its members.

Your Guild Master is * Allegria

OKT has had only four Guild Masters in its lifetime on Lothar. Bluetemplar, our founder, built a stable and sturdy guild foundation, chartering OKT in 2006 with a recharter in 2009.

Bluetemplar was followed by Richdawg in 2010, Nonmortus in 2011 and Allegria in 2012 until the present.

Many members with OKT are long term, some have been in the guild since the charter.


There are a few things you should know.

No drama.  Play nice.  Keep it clean.  Be respectful of yourself and others. 

Are you having a problem with the game or someone in it?  We have processes in place and are experienced at dealing with every issue that you may experience while you are playing, so please seek out upper level guild members for anything you need.  We are here to help but we can't mediate an issue if we don't know about it. 

Please use ventrilo.  It is provided for you to make your game experience better, easier and more fulfilling.

This website is not monitored since we take care of everything in game and schedule with the game calendar. But you're welcome to have a look around.


Welcome!  Good luck and good game!

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Contest! Starting March 1, 2017

by allegria, 7 days ago


Win 100k gold OR The Red Bearon Mount loot card!

Both prizes will be awarded.

How to enter:

You must participate in Guild LFR, and/or mythic groups.  Currently these are being organized by Fanarious (mythics) and Rabaknow (LFR). Ancients is also helping out and may have a second mythics group.

Each time you go on a run, that is one contest entry.  So you can enter as many times as you wish throughout the contest period by running with OKT. You do have to stay in the run till it disbands, or be released by the group leader if 'life' gets in the way. Life>wow, we know.

If the regular Guild LFR or mythics run is on days that don't suit you, then you can also form your own guild runs.  As long as the number of guild members makes it a guild run, it counts!

Contest will run from 3/1/2017 until July 1, 2017, giving you 16 weeks to get as many runs and entries in as possible to fit your life and get a chance at an awesome prize.

Now, you're going to have to help keep track of your runs. Group organizers will take a screenshot to catch all the names, but screens get misplaced, etc. SO SEND ME an ingame mail right after your run with date of your run and which instance so I can keep separate track. OR you can come to this thread, make a reply from your toon name, and add your runs with dates into your ONE post.

Your name will be entered as many times as have runs, so the more runs you do with the guild, the more chance you have of winning. The first name pulled will get their choice of the 100k gold or The Red Bearon loot card MOUNT. Winning the first prize removes your remaining entries for the second prize. The second name drawn will get the remaining prize.

A minimum of 20 guild runs is necessary for this contest to proceed. If 20 runs are not made by July 1, 2017, then the contest period will be extended until the runs reach 20 total.

So have fun, play, go with a guild group, and win!



Use the Guild's Discord channel regularly during the same time contest period and you will be automatically entered to win one of the following loot cards PETS. Discord is free and awesome, and a great way to communicate with your group. These are TCG loot card pets! All 4 winners will be offered their choice of 1 of the following.

Eye of the Legion

Floating Spellbook

Bloat the Bubblefish

Sand scarab


CONTEST #3 But I don't want to go with a group, I just like to quest, and I don't want to use discord

We get it! Not everyone likes to group. So after July 1 we'll have one of our mega pet giveaways for everyone else.

Enter to win by sending 1 sheet of game wrapping paper to Allegria with a 100g donation to the guild bank. This will be a random giveaway..all pets will be wrapped and randomized before sending to winners.  We usually give away a few dozen pets this way, but this time we will give away up to 100 pets including loot card pets! 

Do NOT send your entry yet! Further details will be posted after the big contest. Yeah, you might win yet ANOTHER left shark, but you never know, you could win Bananas. We've been saving up pets for over a year this time!









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