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re: Ventrilo

Most ventrilos have automatic anti-flood bans. These are in place to protect ventrilo servers from bots or spammers. Or from people who have been banned by the admins and trying to work around the ban.

Our ventrilo, from has an anti-flood protection.

Unfortunately, the automatic anti-flood protection can kick in when you don't want them to. This can happen if you join/part or change channels too fast, triggering the automatic anti-flood.

Its not an admin ban and nobody can do it to you. Typefrag computers make this automatic decision. I can't even set the flood myself. Because it protects their servers and their customers as much as it would protect us.

Users, such as we mere humans, can set a ban by IP and unset the bans we set. We can not unset the ones the computer server sets, but they go away after a few minutes. Unfortunately, if you keep trying to log in once you've triggered it, it resets the count you have to wait to 0.

Here's some more information of these types of trigger events.

Our flood protection is set to 2 times (login tries, or channel changes) in 1000 milliseconds. You have to be pretty fast to trigger it. But it might happen. It happened to Emmika recently, when she rejoined our vent from another vent. so Im just making people aware so they know what to do.

If you should somehow trigger a flood event, and get kicked off, you will receive a ban notice the next time you try to log in. Don't keep trying to log in, as that will only increase your wait time. Wait at least 5 minutes, then try again and you'll be ok. If not, just chill. Notify me in game, and relax.

when I see your note the next day, I can reset the server and that should clear it up with enough time passing.

There is a link to a screenshot of our current ban list, right under this line: (move your mouse around to find it)>>

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