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re: Guild Changes 9/9/2013

As I've been unable to spend much time managing the guild, due to health and energy issues, it is a good time to scale OKT back to a smaller group of friends from its current 600-700 members. Recent behavioral problems caused by unknown recruits have highlighted that this is a good time to close recruiting and become a tighter, friendlier place as we used to be.
It is not fair to continually ask our wonderful friends and leaders to babysit the general population who would probably be just as happy in another guild.

These changes will constitute turning off general recruitment, removing inactive members (of all tenures), increased bank repairs to remaining players and a guild name change to parallel our more casual environment among friends.

With fewer members in the guild, we will not only have fewer behavioral problems, but will be able to increase funds for repairs among our active and loyal membership.

The name change has been a long time coming. The guild, while we long term members know and love it, has changed its temper since its Templar beginnings (when it was based on historical and modern Knights Templar precepts and rules of procedure.) We no longer follow that official setup and haven't for a few years now. But we know who we are, so the name will change to what we call ourselves and what we will always be: OKT. We know who we are, people who know us will know that is us, but the shorter 'nickname' for the ponderous 'Order of Knights Templar" reflects our more casual and family atmosphere among us, as friends. Use of our nickname sets a tone for the friendly and warm way we strive to treat each other as friends during recreation, and not in a pressured 'official' sounding setup.

Large guilds are hard to manage on the best of days, and I am sure a more relaxed environment will be easier on all of us as we play together, enjoying the game and each other's company.

I hope to see you soon. My meds are pretty well adjusted and my energy is climbing back up. Till then, many hugs and much love!


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