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re: Want a Job?

It takes a team to run a large guild. And there is always plenty of 'work' to be done. At the same time, it should be fun, because that is what its all about, and it should be rewarding.

So OKT has a unique take on 'jobs' within the guild that does both. Here's how you can become a more active guild member by taking on some of the team 'work'.
First, how do you like to play? What parts of the game do you enjoy? We have a job for that!
Raiding, pvp, social events, mount and pet runs, professions help, old content, world pvp, achievements, farming, class advisors, helping people--there are a lot of areas of the game that you can help out!
2nd, its volunteer. So you put into it only as much time as you want, and when you can.
3rd, you get a promotion with a few extra perks. This is so you can put your events (if doing events) on the calendar, and so you gain some leadership ability to carry out your goals. You'll do it your way.

Become part of guild growth and success! There's lots to choose from! And if you think you'd like to do something else, if you have an idea for something we can do...we'll make a 'job' out of it and put you in charge! Your ideas are welcome!

Raid Leader(s) : With so many capped members, we want to open more opportunities for raiding. You don't have to be an expert, (you can read up on fights etc) just courageous in the game, helpful, and willing to help others progress. You don't have to be great, just willing to help.

LFR raid leader needed.

Newb Mentoring: Help new members get settled, and new players get acclimated. More than a few mentors needed!
Social events: help plan fun social events that the whole guild can participate in. Parties, contests, level 1 gnome runs etc.
Morale officers: recognize players for their successes. We have one to recognize reaching level cap, would like one to recognize birthdays.
Welcome Wagon leaders: touch base with new members and make them feel welcome
Old content: put events on the calendar and get groups together
Achievements: put ach runs on the calendar and get groups together
Class and profession leads: help others with your class or professions that you know well
Heroics: Organize and schedule heroics
Mount and pet runs: Schedule and organize mount/pet runs
Bank quartermasters: Farming, banking maintenance, scheduling farming events
Facebook: update and admin the FB page
Youtube: update and admin the youtube channel
Videographer: Use Fraps or Gamecam etc to archive OKT activities
Web guru: Wowprogress, warcraft realms, wowwiki: register for wow-based guild tool sites and keep them updated
MOP recon: get out there in MOP early and bring back the info!
PVP organizers: organize world pvp, arenas, bgs

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