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re: OKT Raiding- Putting it into practice

OKT Raiding has always been casual, and it goes in cycles with every xpac. We've learned from our mistakes since vanilla, and we've kept what works. So we're going to continue to go with what works.

We've again reached an OKT raid phase that I like to call.....'Hey, we could actually make more progress here if we got a little more serious!' So here's the methodology:

    The keyword is fun. If its not fun, we're doing it wrong.

    OKT is casual. If you're feeling pressure, rethink how you're feeling and bring it down a notch.

    Raid leaders have the ultimate say for their raid group. Everyone-- myself, all guild officers, all members, will support their decisions. If a Raid Leader says we are going to let the HPriest tank, that's what will happen for that night. Just make sure you bring enough repair money.

    If I or any guild officer is in a raid group, we are merely members of the group, and the raid leader is the leader. I will never step in, take over, or anything else to cause dissension, and neither will officers.

    If there are any questions, any concerns, any disagreements...(this is important) they are saved till after the raid. Nobody interrupts the raid or the raid leader or the progression to contest a decision or god forbid..argue. Chillmax...its not a life or death emergency. So even if you disagree.. do what you're asked to do during the raid, then later you can ask your questions , even the next day etc. Believe me, it can wait till you have a relaxed chance to talk it over.

    If its not helpful to the group, it doesn't belong in the group. Please leave egos at the door to the instance.

    And you already know rule #1. No drama. SOO much drama can be avoided by just following the above!

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