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re: Are you raiding?

Raid leaders have a tough job to do. So we thank them, for without them, your game couldn't progress.
In OKT, raiding is casual, but it goes in phases, with OKT raiding getting more or less hardcore as the people doing it wish. We're flexible like that.

We currently have one raid leader and scheduled group, and we're looking for more. Because we're getting more people who want to go than there is room for. 10 people. 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps. Those are needed, and that's all that's needed. The raid leader has to choose a balanced group, and the raid leader also has to balance ranged or melee dps depending upon the needs of the fight, as well as the type of healers or tanks. In some raid fights, you must have aoe heals, or ranged dps, etc. And still, only 10 can go, so if 13 people sign up and show up, 3 people are out of luck.

It is my official policy that I will not interfere with a raid leader unless they are way out of line. The raid leader is the general, and outranks everyone in the raid, including me if I happen to go on the run. He (or she) can kick me from the raid for being dumb, and I will support that. This is because there are multiple styles of leadership, as well as many ways to play the game 'correctly', and what works for one leader may not be whats best for another. Give your raid leader the respect they deserve, and follow their instructions, even if you don't agree.

What if you think the raid leader is doing something extremely unfair or out of line? Like giving all the loot to their girlfriend...(check the Blizz forums, this stuff happens.)
Well, you know the big OKT drama. If something outrageous like this happens, do not do the drama thing. Wait till after the raid to ask about it. Nothing in this game is life or can all wait till the next day. Waiting to address it or find out 'why' something was done, also has another don't disrupt the run! Plus you might get to find out why the decision was made, and understand it. But not during the raid. Never during the raid. No one's leg is about to fall off, no burning building. It can wait till afterward for where and when it has no disruption to the run.
So go with the flow, and we'll see about it later.

What if you want to have something different for raiding? Thats the beauty of this, we'll promote you and get you started with organizing raids on the calendar, and Ill come along the first runs to get you going. LFR is an easy way to break into raid leading, all you have to lead is your OKT group and keep new raiders informed of what they have to do. On your time, and at your schedule. And with the way you want to do it. You can lead a raid group and OKT will support you, and provide you some compensation for doing so.
You don't have to be excellent, just willing to help people who know less about it than you do.

We are very grateful to anyone who takes on the raid leader hat, for without them, we'd not see this part of the game. Show your raid leader some love, and think about leading yourself.

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