"Order of Knights Templar", or OKT, is a large (over 500 members) multi-faceted and all-purpose guild playing Alliance Crest Alliance side on Lothar-US. The guild's goals and structure are based upon original (historical)and modern (masonic) knights templar precepts translated into a gaming environment. Support and resources are provided for all aspects of the game, from introductory help, questing and leveling, through dungeons, pvp, and world objectives, to both core and casual endgame raiding. The Guild shares resources, information, social experiences and game knowledge for the mutual benefit and recreation of the guild and its members.

Membership is open to all regardless of game or life experience. Adults and mature young people comprise the guild demographic with many circles of families, friends, and fraternal associations. Due to the wide range of its members, the guild maintains a level PG-13 ingame chat, and restricts adult-oriented topics and language to voice over IP channels to provide a balance for safe as well as satisfactory recreation.

The Order of Knights Templar Organization is structured into regiments under its formal posted Charter and Bylaws. As a large guild, it is broken down into regiments. Each regiment is led by a senior Guild Officer known as a Pro Grand Master. The Pro Grand Masters each are responsible for a major organizational game element, such as a level range of members, a core raid group, recruitment and retention, in-game social events, class leader positions, or pvp objectives. Pro Grand Masters are assisted in their duties by Generalismos who also act as moderators. Officers and leaders are nominated and balloted upon by the membership with their final promotions accepted and set by the Grand Master.

Order of Knights Templar recognizes the participation, support, help and leadership of its members by presenting honors and awards to deserving members during in-game meetings. Tabards are awarded to those who reach level 20 by way of encouragement for their first efforts. Nine total levels of awards are possible. In addition to structured game elements provided by the developers, OKT makes available periodic recreational elements such as a Guild Homecoming, periodic contests and planned tournaments, and a wide variety of pvp opportunities.

One of the original guilds on one of the game's original servers,Lothar-US, Order of Knights Templar dissolved on Lothar when new, less populated servers opened. In December of 2006, the Guild master brought it back to Lothar-US, with a new Charter, Bylaws, and Code of Conduct.

The Guild's website contains forums, raid/boss kill progress, screenshot galleries and useful member tools and resources.

"Order of Knights Templar" Recruitment

What does it take to be....O.K.T?

Game and life experience are not necessary. We have ages 7-74 in the guild, and levels 1-85. Membership is open to all, however you may find that OKT is not for everyone. You may find OKT a comfortable and satisfactory game home if you

  • are an adult or a mature young person
  • are interested in becoming part of a large but very closely-knit and supportive team
  • would enjoy a successful and well-run game community
  • are looking for support, resources and assistance to grow your game
  • are respectful toward other players
  • just want a fun and friendly, welcoming atmosphere to socialize in
  • would like to find others who share your favorite aspects of the game

We provide assistance, support, and resources for any part of the game, any way you like to play it, including all available types of current endgame. Our friendly, low-drama and supportive atmosphere may be the game home you are looking for.

During periods of Open Recruitment candidates may join freely by merely asking an officer. During periods of restricted recruitment, those desiring membership must apply or provide additional information. Family, friends, and fraternal associates are welcome to join at any time.


Governing Body

The governing body is made up of the members who hold rank of Generalismo and Pro Grand Master.  Generalismos are active members who serve as assistants, volunteers, and moderators.  Pro Grand Masters are each responsible for a facet of game play and perform active, working, and trusted roles in guild leadership.