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Welcome to OKT!

On Lothar since Dec 09, 2006

OKT (previously Order of Knights Templar) is a casual all-purpose guild on the Lothar server.  We're a long-lived, stable and friendly guild made up of adults and mature young people.  The guild's goals are to provide a safe and comfortable, fun gaming environment for members of all ages and levels.  Support and resources are provided for all aspects of the game, from introductory help, questing and leveling, through old and new content dungeons, pvp, and world objectives, to both core and casual endgame raiding. The Guild shares resources, information, social experiences and game knowledge for the mutual benefit and recreation of the guild and its members.

Your Guild Master is * Allegria

OKT has had only four Guild Masters in its lifetime on Lothar. Bluetemplar, our founder, built a stable and sturdy guild foundation, chartering OKT in 2006 with a recharter in 2009.

Bluetemplar was followed by Richdawg in 2010, Nonmortus in 2011 and Allegria in 2012 until the present.

Many members with OKT are long term, some have been in the guild since the charter.


There are a few things you should know.

No drama.  Play nice.  Keep it clean.  Be respectful of yourself and others. 

Are you having a problem with the game or someone in it?  We have processes in place and are experienced at dealing with every issue that you may experience while you are playing, so please seek out upper level guild members for anything you need.  We are here to help but we can't mediate an issue if we don't know about it. 

Please use ventrilo.  It is provided for you to make your game experience better, easier and more fulfilling.

This website is not monitored since we take care of everything in game and schedule with the game calendar. But you're welcome to have a look around.


Welcome!  Good luck and good game!

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